Ready To Find True Love With A Chaser? Unlock All The Doors That Have Kept You From Having A Relationships With Chasers.

Overcome Challenges, Embrace Confidence, and Find the Chaser Who Appreciates You for You!

Are you tired of searching for genuine love in the Chub and Chaser community without success? Do you find it challenging to connect with people who truly understand and appreciate you for who you are? You're not alone, and I understand the struggles you've faced. But there's good news - there's a real solution to your dating dilemmas!

Here's the problem...

Finding a meaningful relationship with a chaser in the Chub and Chaser community can be a daunting task. Many individuals encounter difficulties, including:

  • Emotional Immaturity : Guys that say they want to get to know you but end up wasting your time.
  • Limited Guidance : A scarcity of practical advice and resources tailored to actually helping you FIND a relationship in this unique dating community.
  • False Stereotypes : Preconceived notions, stereotypes and failed past dating experiences that perpetuate feelings of inadequacy, making it challenging to even attempt to find love at all.

Being frustrated stops today!


A collection of Training Audios and 1 Video created to help you get clarity on the challenges you have faced. And how to move forward with finding a committed relationship with a chaser. Finally find solutions to the roadblocks that have stopped you from creating that relationship you seek. What makes this starter pack different is that it will help you focus on connecting only with chasers who are ready for relationships. Saving you tons of wasted time.

The Find Love With A Chaser Starter Pack comes with the following:

Understanding Chasers Now

In this straight to point 20 minute video training, you will learn 10 things chasers don't want you know about them, what that means to you when trying to date them and how to use that to bond deeply.

You will finally understand "The Why" behind chasers actions and how to use them to connect with a chaser that is seeking a serious relationship.

Imagine finally knowing and understanding the red flags signs that pop up and how to handle them. Feel confident because you have taken your power back. You now understand this chaser and can decide from a place of confidence if this is worth your time investment.

Valued at $67

Here's what you will learn in this video:

  • Why the chub and chaser paradigm is wrong
  • How to flex your power in a way that attracts chasers
  • Where love connections are lost and how you can readjustment ONE step to change the entire outcome
  • The best moment for you to connect with a chaser
  • Why chasers like to chase and the type of guy that grabs their attention most
  • The most effective and proven way to keep a chaser interested…and it’s not sex
  • The one and only thing you have to do to bond with a chaser
  • And so much more

5 Steps To Prepare Yourself To Find Love In The Chub And Chaser Community

In this 45 minute training audio you will get the EXACT action steps to take that will prepare you to find the committed relationship you seek with a chaser.

No more wondering if you are posting the right photos, saying the right words or making the right choices when it comes to finding the right chaser partner anymore.

You will know ahead of time the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and most importantly, WHY.

This audio will be your foundation and GPS for navigating the journey of finding love with a chaser.

Valued at $67

Here's what you will learn in this audio:

  • The exact actions to take to find the committed relationship you seek.
  • What to put out there with your profile.
  • The answer to the chub and chaser paradigm (the chasers have all the power).
  • A sure fire way to make it through the hard times of finding love.
  • How to motivate yourself to find love.
  • The only type of chaser you should devote your time to if you are looking for a serious relationship.
  • The signs to look for in his profile.
  • And so much more....

Questions That Need To Be Asked If You Plan To Find Love In The Chub And Chaser Community

Questions are the key to clarity. And in this 45 minute audio training, you discover the questions you should not only be asking chasers but yourself.

In order to eventually have a serious relationship (one not built on lies or misunderstanding), very SPECIFIC questions need to be asked to make sure everyone is on the same page.

You are taken through a series of questions that help you get clarity on what a relationship means to you, what you expect from a chaser and much more.

This is a must have if you are serious about having a relationship.

Valued at $67

Here's what you will learn in this audio:

  • What to do when you meet by chance
  • How to go deeper than the initial physical attraction
  • Prevent unwanted situations from happening to you
  • The key difference between FWB and a relationship and how to move past that
  • How to cultivate an emotional relationship with a chaser.
  • The only 3 ways to have a relationship and which will work for you
  • Getting clarity on what you are doing, the risk you are taking and accepting them
  • And so much more....

Face Your Dating Fears In The Chub And Chaser Community

Whether you are new to the idea that smaller guys love your big frame or a seasoned chub, we all have fears of dating someone new who could possibly be the one.

In this 62 minute training audio you discover how to tackle the major fears that keep chubs and chasers from connecting.

Imagine being able to feel confident in your ability to not even think about what chasers may say to try and hurt your feelings or make you feel bad because you know your worth and how to handle that situation if it arises.

That unstoppable confidence will show and attract for you on autopilot.

Valued at $67

Here's what you will learn in this audio:

  • Why you have finding love fears in the first place
  • What the fear really is and what you can do about it
  • Proof that you can overcome your finding love fears
  • How to manage your thoughts when looking for a relationship
  • The thoughts that will help you find and attract love
  • 3 major fears that terrify chubs and how to address them
  • How to change the way you look for love so the result changes
  • And so much more....

Manifest Love In The Chub And Chaser Community

Where you are currently, with or without a relationship, is because you have manifested it. Whether you know it or not, you are always manifesting and what you believe and act on are the keys to manifesting love.

In this 45 minute audio we take a look at your beliefs about finding love with a chaser and what you can do to make that a reality.

Finally have that moment when your chaser pulls you close, looks in your eyes and says,

"I love you so much". Feel that wave of love and certainty build in your heart as you look him in the eyes and say, " I love you too". Knowing that the universe helped bring you two together to find the love of your lives.

Valued at $67

Here's what you will learn in this audio:

  • The two things you need to manifest love in your life
  • The quickest way to manifest love in your life
  • Exactly what to focus on to make it happen
  • Why you are attracting chasers who aren’t ready for relationships
  • How to attract chasers who are ready for a relationship
  • The one action you can take today to start to attract a chaser specifically for you
  • How to get the message to the universe on what you want
  • And so much more....

Create A One And Done Strategy To Find Love In The Chub And Chaser Community

Finding love is different for everyone because they have different resources to use on their journey. But the foundation is still the same. In this 48 minute training audio, I tell you how to use that foundation to create your very own strategy to find love with a chaser.

I must be crazy for even offering this in this pack because, you don't need anymore guidance once you put this strategy in motion.

Honestly, if I were starting over, this would be the audio I would use to find love in the chub and chaser community.

Valued at $67

Here's what you will learn in this audio:

  • Why you need a strategy
  • How to find the qualities that are important to you in a partner
  • How to know if he’s serious about dating you
  • What chasers who are seeking a relationship are attracted to
  • How to demonstrate those qualities in your profile
  • To determine what’s working and not working for you currently
  • How to upgrade your finding love efforts
  • And so much more....

😮That is a TOTAL VALUE of $402😮


And there is more...

With Our Confidence Bonus:

Get Access To 5 Confidence Boosting Reports

That Will Help You Up Your Finding Love Game.

How To Date Confidently As A Chubby Gay Man

In this report you get an overview of some of the confidence challenges that chubby gay men have come to me for assistance with. And more importantly, solutions to those challenges that will help you find love. Having a clear action plan to overcome these challenge has given them more confidence to date in the chub and chaser world again.

9 Confidence Traits To Attract Chasers

Being confident is shown through your actions. Those confident behaviors leave an obvious trail that chasers are drawn to. When confidence becomes a part of you, these traits will come naturally and bring the attention of chasers with them. In this worksheet I outline the traits that compile solid committed relationships during the attracting phase of finding a relationship.

11 Tips To Build Confidence

Building confidence is one of the most empowering journeys I’ve undertaken. It has personally allowed me to find my inner strength and speak to audiences about my passion for helping chubby gay men find relationships.

In this report you receive 11 tips all focused on finding love with a chaser.

If I can help build your confidence by just a third of what I feel, then I have succeeded.

5 Ways To Attract A Chaser

This report will up your game when it comes to attracting chasers. As a chaser myself and a coach, I show you how to attract a chaser in a way that is focused on the end game, creating a committed relationship. Let’s begin building your dating confidence with ease by using skills you already possess. Now you have the assistance of a chaser, a coach and a partnering mentor dedicated to finding you a relationship.

Relationship Ready Essentials

Qualities are the foundation on which relationships are based. Most relationships will fail because these qualities have not been predetermined. I've compiled a list of 7 qualities that must be in place before you consider a chaser as a potential partner. Some of these qualities are apparent but others hold a much deeper meaning later when it comes to maintaining a relationship'

And one more life changing bonus...

A Priceless Special Bonus:

Access To My Free Private

"Finding Love With A Chaser"

Facebook Community

  • With the purchase of this starter pack, you will gain access to a growing Facebook group that will help move the needle for you when it comes to finding love with a chaser. This is a chub centered group meaning focusing on what chubs need to find a committed relationship. It’s purpose is to provide assistance and direction while fostering connections through sharing chub experiences while on their journeys to finding love with a chaser.
  • You are the key to this group. By contributing and interacting in the group, we ALL learn from each other faster and reach out goals quicker. This group serves as a platform for self-discovery and reflection on your implementation of the fundamentals of finding love with a chaser. We start by building a foundation of fundamentals.
  • I will coach you through content. Each week we dive into a different aspect of finding love with a chaser. At end the week, we have the Weekly Live Call. This call is dedicated to a topic which has held you back or has been a challenge on your journey to finding love.
  • I encourage everyone to request a 1 on 1 Finding Love Discovery Call with me once in the group to get your specific needs addressed. Please only join the group if you feel ready to contribute, interact and do the work of finding love with a chaser. If so grab your starter pack and access to the group today to move one step closer to the love that you seek!

So who is this for?


  • Chubby Gay Men who want to find a committed relationships with a chasers seeking the same.
  • Chubby Gay Men who had bad experiences with chasers in the past but still believe their chaser is out there for them.
  • For any chub who is tired of trying it on their own and want to save time when it comes to finding a serious chaser partner.

Who is this not for?

Sometimes things are not for everyone and that is okay, let me list out some reasons the Find Love With A Chaser Starter Pack may not be a great fit:

  • If you have already made up your mind that you will be single until the end and have no interest in putting in the work to find a compatable chaser of your own.
  • If you do not want to know the solutions to the challenges that have kept you single for years and you just want to wing it when it comes to seeing what is working and what isn't.

Frequently Asked Questions!

There's so much good information. Where should I start?

I hear ya. Begin with "5 Steps To Prepare Yourself To Find Love In The Chub And Chaser Community". Then jump into Understanding Chasers Now. Finish the remaining audios and use the bonuses as needed.

I'm a shy guy. Will the Starter Pack work for me?

Absolutely! We got you covered. Use the 5 Confidence Bonuses to build confidence in yourself and dive into the audios. You're confidence will increase after each audio.

I'm skeptical about the entire package. How can it help me find love with a chaser?

This pack is a Stater Package. It's designed to give you the foundation to find love with a chaser who is looking for a serious relationship. It's not an overnight fix and it does requires work on your part on some things that aren't included in this package. But by taking the parts on one at a time, you will get there.

Why are you offer the pack at such a low price?

I made a mission for 2024, that I would help 200 chubs find the committed relationships they seek. This offer is to give a larger group of chubs a taste of what's possible so eventually we can work together on finding love for you in the future.

Do you offer refunds?

Since the products are digital in nature and you have access right away there are no refunds available. So please be certain that you do want to have the solutions offered in this Starter Pack before purchasing.

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